Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Renycerosalia : How To Pick a Lock [without doubt]

Renycerosalia : How To Pick a Lock [without doubt] 
Thanks HowCast I love my new TV! Oh, I forgot my keys, good thing i have a tension wrench. shes really into it... like im getting a slight chub... guise... help thats wayyyyy to many steps for a drunk person to remember

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Renycerosalia : How to Excuse The Bottle Cutting

Renycerosalia : How to Excuse The Bottle Cutting
i just made this an excuse to open another 6 pack
Yeah, I have an idea...go spend $1 at a dollar store and buy a glass there.
use string and light it on fire, does the same trick
i tried this with my oxy fuel welder. the bottle blew up.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Renycerosalia : Coffe Vs Vitamin C Movie [The Making]

Renycerosalia : Coffe Vs Vitamin C Movie [The Making] Someone that knows chemistry probably lol he put the cener column of the tank upside down as long as it's the same chemical it'll work. if it's in salt form you may have to crush it into a powder to make it easier to dissolve Ahh, I see your point. I personally am a lomo photographer, and digital scanning is sort of part of that genre of photography specifically, I just didn't realize it 'till now. not to play devil's advocate but how would you get rid of it otherwise? serious question, looking at starting my own developing

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Renycerosalia : Shrinkify Your [Arduino Projects ]

Renycerosalia : Shrinkify Your [Arduino Projects ] Great video and easy to follow. Personally, I think if people are moving off the Arduino and onto standalone projects it might be worth getting a dedicated programmer and programming it standalone. I have been doing this from the start, I don't use Arduino or AVR but I do use Microchip PIC chips. The greatest part of using standalone projects is eventually moving away from breadboard\veroboard and fabricating PCBs for finalized projects. I usually add an ICSP header if I want to make changes. It was an especially bright day and I still don't have window treatments! I should definitely fix that. Still squinting! Pretty cool. I wonder if this will work with a Leonardo or Nano.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Renycerosalia : Arduino For [ USB Hacking ]

Renycerosalia : Arduino For [ USB Hacking ] The guitar's whammy bar works in the wrong direction! That should have been a dive (decrease in audio frequency)! :) Nerd is a badge of Honor only given to intellectual bad asses. Whammy bar and tremolo (It's more accurate to call it a whammy bar though) are the same thing and yes they do increase and decrease the frequency, but by bringing the whammy bar down, like Collin was, you shorten the distance between the saddle and the nut, lowering the key of the guitar. By the way, electronic music does have boundaries :) It's called a tremolo look up the definition most trems increase and decrease note frequencies these days plus welcome to electronic music boundaries do not apply. "Apparenty... Mr. Anderson, I have successfully, inevitably, interfaced my video game guitar in a manner that is, indeed, most fascinating."

Friday, December 14, 2012

Renycerosalia : Arduino Starter Kit [fun step]

Renycerosalia : Arduino Starter Kit [fun step] shit how many lights have you got in this room? I think the color code is brown, black, red. So im assuming its a 1k resistor. once you drew the diagram in your sketchbook you could have ended the video there because you didn't give any more information after that point i couldn't have figured out myself. how about the code that is what i want to know more about. Yes it very well done project-I am just getting started with arduino and I need tutorials to keep it simple with confidence ;-) thank you again . Lol, it was like a balloon popping.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Renycerosalia : Simple Laser Communicator [The Making]

Renycerosalia : Simple Laser Communicator [The Making] This is more secretive. Have some imagination every once in awhile, 'kay bro? I think this could be used for secured communication , if u don't receive the laser light u know sb got in the way , laser light can go more than room distance . use differential algorithms for multiple layer of data transfer, you can then hook it up with a cat5 cable. the shop keeper ask of how much volt.....i didn't he gave me one of he was having.....and when i used in the cuircuit....the laser got shot....@sandal jain.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Renycerosalia : Impossible Motion [captured]

Renycerosalia : Impossible Motion [captured] Somebody paid attention in geometry class lol. Is it bad if I started involuntarily hyperventilating? This last one didn't look impossible before he turned it . 00:2 - 00:7 Wrong!  all in favor say aye... aye! Burn the witch!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Renycerosalia : Optical Illusion [wacth closely]

Renycerosalia : Optical Illusion [wacth closely] I wanted to pause but I was enjoying the song too much. 2 pandas, the rest of the so called "pandas" are stone sculptures, sillybuns. Crap.... Look closely and its says....shit . pause the puple circle one there it no green dot but there are green circles going diffrent places. the first one scared the crap out of me

Monday, December 10, 2012

Renycerosalia : Optical Illusion And Pictures [perspective]

Renycerosalia : Optical Illusion And Pictures [perspective] Optical illusions in the house, mind tricks, funny perspective photos, they play tricks on the eye. It is like a mind warp with optical illusion and pictures taken at a funny angle at the perfect timing of the funny picture or photograph. Be dazzled by the interesting scenarios conveyed in the pictures of this video, regarding most notably their perfect perspectives or funny or humorous or hilarious or comedic perspectives. They are like amazing optical illusions, tricks on the eye is what happens when you view the picture with your eyes it plays a trick on the eye with its optical illusion quality, that is why I call the video perfect perspective, the pictures are of perspectives of strange events as a result of the camera's point of view or perspective and taking a picture at a funny angle at the perfect time or just the right time. Like the leaning tower of Pisa is in there and some people holding the sun and more. There is complimentary soothing and exciting music playing with the picture slideshow of perfect perspective or optical illusions. Camera vantage point. See, when at a certain vantage point take the picture with a certain point-of-view and the right timing and the right angle you get a photo that is of a perfect perspective or funny perspectives and it plays tricks on the eye and mind or brain with it's optical illusion.