Monday, December 10, 2012

Renycerosalia : Optical Illusion And Pictures [perspective]

Renycerosalia : Optical Illusion And Pictures [perspective] Optical illusions in the house, mind tricks, funny perspective photos, they play tricks on the eye. It is like a mind warp with optical illusion and pictures taken at a funny angle at the perfect timing of the funny picture or photograph. Be dazzled by the interesting scenarios conveyed in the pictures of this video, regarding most notably their perfect perspectives or funny or humorous or hilarious or comedic perspectives. They are like amazing optical illusions, tricks on the eye is what happens when you view the picture with your eyes it plays a trick on the eye with its optical illusion quality, that is why I call the video perfect perspective, the pictures are of perspectives of strange events as a result of the camera's point of view or perspective and taking a picture at a funny angle at the perfect time or just the right time. Like the leaning tower of Pisa is in there and some people holding the sun and more. There is complimentary soothing and exciting music playing with the picture slideshow of perfect perspective or optical illusions. Camera vantage point. See, when at a certain vantage point take the picture with a certain point-of-view and the right timing and the right angle you get a photo that is of a perfect perspective or funny perspectives and it plays tricks on the eye and mind or brain with it's optical illusion.

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