Saturday, December 15, 2012

Renycerosalia : Arduino For [ USB Hacking ]

Renycerosalia : Arduino For [ USB Hacking ] The guitar's whammy bar works in the wrong direction! That should have been a dive (decrease in audio frequency)! :) Nerd is a badge of Honor only given to intellectual bad asses. Whammy bar and tremolo (It's more accurate to call it a whammy bar though) are the same thing and yes they do increase and decrease the frequency, but by bringing the whammy bar down, like Collin was, you shorten the distance between the saddle and the nut, lowering the key of the guitar. By the way, electronic music does have boundaries :) It's called a tremolo look up the definition most trems increase and decrease note frequencies these days plus welcome to electronic music boundaries do not apply. "Apparenty... Mr. Anderson, I have successfully, inevitably, interfaced my video game guitar in a manner that is, indeed, most fascinating."

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